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A Nation of Knitters

There is just something about seeing these little people around me with yarn and needles in their hands.


The joy that lights up their faces when a tangle of string turns into a thing!

Perhaps it is because I feel that same sense of accomplishment when I create a thing, that it excites me so to watch this magic happen.

These pictures are of my daughter Violet learning to knit last summer. She has been bit by the buy and often I find my needles in her hands-sometimes she even knits a row or two for me on my projects!

Recently I was teaching a knitting workshop to a friend and her two children. These kids were motivated to learn partly from their natural desire to discover something new and partly because their mother encouraged them that it would be a good thing.

AND it is a good thing.

For three weeks I went to their home and coached them on the basics of knitting. It may have been me that learned the most. Each time I went, some unforeseen catastrophe had happened to their projects…and if you are a knitter you know, it is just all part of the experience.

But what inspired me was that each time, they were ready to try again. These children knew that it was worth the effort. So we would fix the mistakes, or begin it again and they pressed forward, knowing that someday this skill they were learning would create all manner of endless things.

I so enjoy teaching anyone who is willing to learn! Wouldn’t it be great if we could create a Nation of Knitters!

Happy Day!


For lesson workshop info visit


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