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An Introduction..revised

*an intro to the intro: This is the original intro on my  old website Twisted & Plied, back when I thought that the fiber arts were meant only to be a hobby and maybe a bit of a business. It’s two years later and my/our knowledge has grown. Because of this growth we needed to update the needs of our web presence. At first this growth let to the creation of my teaching website:, where I basically share and teach about traditional skills and how they apply and are needed in our modern society. I hope you will follow me there as well as here. The business side of things is changing and turning into something that is amazingly REAL and that will be launching in soon. However, I still need a place to share the thoughts and stories that develop in my creative life while keeping it separate from the business side of things. So that is where this journal blog has come in. It’s just me, sharing about a love of yarn, family,and our farmstead. I have updated this intro to reflect a few changes, but really it was a great description of me-so I thought it served a good purpose as is. Granted, the family photos are a little behind the times..the baby is now two. Several of these first posts that you probably will notice have the same date and are from my first website, I thought them worthy to transfer here. Many of the other more educational ones were moved to the Domestic Science Workshop website.

Okay, so this me- Heidi.

My awesome Mister and I. So lucky to be married to my best friend!
My awesome husband and I. So lucky to be married to my best friend!

Hopefully we can become friends because chances are if you are here at my site we have a few things in common under the category of fiber arts, farmsteading, and raising a free range creative family. If we are already friends off the net, then – yay! Thanks for supporting me! Here are some things that are important to me:

  • God. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints ( or a”Mormon”)
  • Husband. How lucky am I to have the best guy around? My number one supporter and best friend. We have known each other since the age of 16!
  • Kids. I have SEVEN of them! GBGGGBG- Yep 5 girls 2 boys. Love them all to pieces.
  • The rest of my family. I am seriously blessed to have a loving supportive family, both blood relatives and in-laws. Love y’all!
  • Friends. Where would I be without you? Thanks for the laughs and the shoulders.
  • Anything and everything creative!

Some crafting history: I was born crafty. Just ask my Mom. So many things were hiding under my bed because I might make something out of it. And I did. Pretty sure Mom still has the snowman I made out of an old sock and random other things. image

My favorite place to be growing up was with my grandparents. Any of them really, they all inspired me in different ways. But one particular grandma, Grandma M., was always making something and learning a new craft. I am pretty sure I am her clone.

My Grandpa M. built a motor home out of an old school bus- from scratch. It was amazing. I had fun making things out of the scrap wood he would give me to build with.

Grandma D., along with my Aunt Charlene, are who I have to thank for teaching me to crochet. I am sure they had no idea they were planting the seeds for a yarn-o-holic! Now I am spinning my own yarn!

And what a lucky girl I was (am) to have a THIRD set of grandparents, who are also very near and dear to me. Grandma W. is always knitting or quilting or sewing…I have the baby blankets to prove it! Grandpa W. is responsible for my home-made bread addiction. The first time I ever tasted it I couldn’t get enough- and still can’t. It took me a few years but I have finally mastered the art of bread baking. YUM!


My husband, seven kids, and I, live in a log cabin in the mountains. Where we homeschool and raise goats, chickens, a cow, dogs, and a cat. We get the privilege almost daily to see elk.

So there you have it- a peak into the life of this author who farmsteads with her husband while raising a family and loving all things yarn!

The whole Fam
The whole Fam

Happy Day!



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