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Fall Fiber Harvest 2015 Part 1

The morning was cool, the trees are beginning to change.

“What a great day to shear the goats!” Thought I.


Eight hours later, I am exhausted, have two goats that have really bad unfinished haircuts, a broken set of clippers, and….a bruised ooo-la-la.

I started off full of energy and optimism after watching a few YouTube videos, certain that shearing my Pygoras was going to be a relatively simple task.

And it really wasn’t too bad.

  • I just had to catch Flora multiple times because my helpers would get distracted and forget to hold on to her lead.
  • The clippers I was using were kinda old and not cutting well, Probably dull. So I took a quick 40 min. drive to town for some new ones.
  • The farm supply was closed. Oh, yeah. It’s Labor Day.
  • Located another store and found some clippers that would do the job.
  • Drove straight home and got back to work. Stopped for gas, stopped to nurse the baby, then went home.
  • Flora (the Pygora goat) whom I left secured, had found her freedom. NoBody knows how it happened. Someday I would like to sit down and have chat with this “Nobody”.
  • I wised up and had my son help me move the stand my Hubs built for milking goats, out of the barn to a better place for me to work.
  • We caught Flora  Gaston, and secured her him on the stand.
  • I was about to earn my masters in goat shearing when the new clippers broke. I tried to become a clipper repair women but that is clearly not my calling. Best to stay with being the Super Goat Lady who spins and creates magical things with yarn.
  • I couldn’t leave poor Gaston in such a state, so the old clippers came back out. Oh, yeah, they didn’t work well, hence the buying of the new ones.
  • Be free goats, be free, you look good  with that haircut I will fix you tomorrow.
I was too tired to take the photo myself. The quality of this photo is what you get when a uninspired twelve year old does the job.
I was too tired to take the photo myself. The quality of this photo is what you get when a uninspired twelve year old does the job.

But wait a minute, you say? We get that you gave some goats a bad haircut, but how the heck did you bruise your ooo-la-la?
Well, my friends….way back between when Nobody let the goat loose and when I wised up on my method of securing a goat. I had to catch a goat. In the Nubian Buck’s pen. Normally I can secure him with a lead to keep him from being in my way and playing the head-butt game. Today forgot to be normal. While tying him up he engaged his full force mode and jabbed his head right in the…well, you already know where.

As I recovered I called the Hubs and told him to be thankful that I took the beating for him. He would have been down for the count. Keibo (the buck) really should be grateful as well, he very well may have found himself skewered over a spit for dinner.

And so ends my adventures for the day, time to hang up the Super Goat Lady cape and put on the Mom Crown.

Happy Day!


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