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Finding Balance

As the water trickled down in my thinking portal ( a.k.a. the shower) at 4 o’clock in the afternoon (because it was the first chance I have had all day), I ponderdered on “why does it feel like the house is falling apart and I am, drowning?”. Then it dawned on me. The Hubby was home on Monday and we ran errands. Usually, Monday’s are my catch up day where I direct myself and kids to control the chaos so that the rest of the week is relatively easy on us.

We skipped our Monday, and so now I am over-twisted and out of balance.

The simple definition of balance:

: the state of having your weight spread equally so that you do not fall

: the ability to move or to remain in a position without losing control or falling

: a state in which different things occur in equal or proper amounts or have an equal or proper amount of importance
In the realm of spinning yarn, balance plays an important roll. It plays a part in every stage of the fiber.

Alpaca-Pygora blend

When prepping the fiber for spinning, there can be many factors from the quality, to the blend you are mixing. Color can also play a roll in developing the yarn you imagine, so that is yet another element that needs consideration.

This art yarn that I spun is full of fun color!

The act of spinning requires a person to find the correct settings of both the wheel and the drafting method. Different fibers require different tensions and drafting techniques. For example, a fiber with a long staple length produces a better yarn when a long draft method is used. This is a method I have yet to try much of,but I look forward to learning more about it when there is a need. Whereas, a short staple fiber such as Alpaca or Angora Rabbit requires more control when drafting.

The handspun yarn itself needs checked frequently to be sure it is even and balanced in the way the Artisian desires it to be. Too much twist will cause the yarn to be kinky and hard. Not enough twist on the other hand, will make an unstable yarn that may be weak and break. It’s all about finding the balance to what is desired of the finished product.

It doesn’t stop there.
Balance continues to play an important role in the creation of a plied yarn.

To ply, two or more Handspun singles are twisted together. Plying creates a stronger, thicker yarn. Most commercial yarns have been plied. Sometimes, a handspun single is plied with a thread or commercial yarn. The decision is up to the creator. Regardless of what is to be plied, it must have balance.


A yarn that is spun or plied too loosely will likely come apart. No one wants to work so hard to crochet or knit a piece to only have it ruined by breaks in the yarn. Likewise, a yarn that has been over spun whether in the single or plied form, will have too much energy, as the twists fight for control. It will be hard to manipulate it into a fabric that is pleasing and may very well not feel comfortable against the skin.
Sometimes I am much like the over spun yarn. I get too much going on. The busyness distracts from the life that I desire. More importantly, it pulls me away from the life that God desires.
I have a habit of wanting to do it all. If there are cool things on Pinterest, a great article about someone who has a neat hobby or even just seeing the things that my friends and family enjoy, the thought that comes to my mind whenever I am impressed by something is either ” I could do that!” Or ” I want to learn how to do that!”. It’s not really a bad thing. I mean it’s good that I like learning to do new things. ….And there it is, the thought that justifies all of the extra I add to my load!

The thing to which I seem to always be in search of. Finding a comfortable way to juggle the spiritual,and the temporal. It is no easy task!
As I ponder this conundrum, it’s simple to see that balance it easier to achieve when removing the extras. This is what causes over twist. When the days feel over spun it’s time to:

  • Take inventory of the things of real importance.
  • Choose the activities that have a comfortable amount of energy.
  • Then organize those things into a balance that works for you, one that will create a yarn (or life) that can be turned into a cherished heirloom (memories).
The colorful art-yarn was fun to knit up with bulky needles into a scarf.

Life should feel good and happy (a.k.a. Balanced), not stressful and hard (a.k.a full of kinks).

I will try my best not to skip Monday again.
Happy Day!


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