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I Heart Spinning

The feel of the fiber as it travels through my fingers, the rhythm of the pedals as my feet gently press them, the gentle sound of the wheel as it turns, and the satisfactory feeling I get as I see the bobbin filling with the handspun yarn.

I love everything about spinning. image

Even the fiber prep brings me pleasure. Soaking and rinsing the fleece, clearing it of the impurities and seeing the luster, feeling the softness of the fibers as it becomes clean. Hand carding the fibers into soft clouds, rolags, and roving, all ready for spinning beautiful yarns to crochet, knit, or weave.

What an amazing gift God has given us. Animals that produce fleeces that are soft and warm. The ability to change it into so many useful textiles. And as an added bonus, a talent to cultivate and find refuge in.

The art of hand spinning for me, has become a place of solitude, a place of serenity, an escape from the noisy busy world.

I am happy and I HEART SPINNING!

Happy Day!


(original post was in July 2015)


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