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Miles on the Mountain

I don’t think I have ever hiked so many miles for so many days.

Who knew tending goats could be such a tiresome task? People who are veteran goat owners that’s who. Me, well I am still knew at it. We are still trying to fix fences that will hold them. But until this past weekend it wasn’t a problem if goats got out because the ones we had didn’t venture far from the house. They were not interested in the mountain behind us.

And then Saturday I brought home two new beautiful adult Angora goats. They decided to go adventuring.

And not come back.

We have spent the past two and a half days hiking the mountainside by our home. They were spotted several times. But they can climb a mountain a lot faster than us two legged mammals.

At one point we had both of them in a good location. I went to get some more people so that we could surround them.

These goats were not as tame as ours that we had raised since they were young. They refused to come to us even when enticed by yummy treats.

When I returned my awesome husband had somehow managed to snare one of them! He is amazing!

So we have one goat. The other left and we cannot seem to find her. Unfortunately the one we have is the whether and the one lost still is the Doe I wanted to breed in the future.

I am happy to have one, but so so sad that the other is still missing. We will keep our eye for her, as well as our neIghbors.

I pray that she will be safe from harm and will venture back to where she can be found. Will you also pray for a happy ending?

Looking forward to a Happy Day.


*Update: The other Angora goat was never found. We did hear once that someone spotted a “sheep” in a neighborhood over the hill from us, we asked them if they were positive it was sheep and not a goat..and they were adamant that it was a sheep. But we know that often Angora goats get confused with sheep. My prayer is that she did indeed survive and that someone took her in. Maybe she is living a happy life-even if they think she is a sheep.

(original date of this post was September 2015)


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