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Yarn 911

What do you do after driving across one and a half states to be with a loved one who is in the hospital?

I know what I did.

Like a good trained hound, I quickly sniffed out the closest store that has yarn and picked some up. I did grab my knitting bag as I ran out the door, but the rushed nature kept me from bringing more than my already started project, and I just can’t seem to concentrate on it.
Sitting at the side of someone who is ill is never a rainbow and sparkle moment. Often, we feel as helpless as they look. Taking up my needles and yarn not only keeps my hands busy, but brings comfort while making something that can hopefully comfort them. It’s what I did when my #7 baby was in her little spaceship on planet NICU, and it is what I do now as I wait for good news for a person greater in size but whose life depends just as much on the will of the Father.

I chose to buy some soft chunky weight yarn and a large crochet hook so that my project(s) can be finished quick. Hospitals are such cold neutral colored places, even the nicest ones. The person that I diligently prayed for needed some cozy slippers for her cold feet.


As I crocheted the slippers, many looked on, ooo-ing and ahh-ing. The pattern was being made up as I stitched. I really should get in the practice of writing down what I am doing when I make up a pattern.

Update: Our prayers were answered. And while she has some recovery time needed and some life long changes due to this experience, I am so happy to say that she is home from the hospital and doing well! I have also returned home. The slippers I was making did get finished and are warming her lovely feet. 

God is good!

Happy Day!



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