Heidi is a wife to her high school sweet heart and mother of seven. She has always had a crafter’s soul and loves creating, especially with yarn.

She created this blog to serve as a journal to record her experiments and thoughts about raising her family, working their farmstead, and of course a place to write about her love of yarn.

Heidi loves homeschooling her children. You can find her old homeschooling blog at Happy Day Homeschooling on blogspot. She no longer updates that blog but it remains a fun read about homeschool life during the season of that blog. She will likely write from time to time here about current homeschooling.

Heidi loves to create. As her business has developed, the intent and name has changed. At the first stages, the intent of a business was only as a hobby, her business was called Twisted & Plied. Some of the original post from that website will be moved here as they pertain. Eventually Twisted & Plied will be no more.

Free Range Handcrafts is the title of the new family business. It provides yarn, fibers, and tools for the fiber artist or student of traditional skills. From this journal blog you can click “products” to be taken to the business website.

Heidi loves to teach. This goes beyond homeschooling her children. She desires to educate other women with helpful tools of motherhood and homemaking, she invites everyone to learn traditional skills that have been lost along the path to modernization. These skills are not limited to the yarn arts but reach beyond to scratch cooking, soap making, and more. Heidi wanted a place for all to come learn anytime, and so the Domestic Science Workshop was created to support that vision. She writes there weekly with themed lessons and tutorials. You can access that site from this journal blog anytime as well, by clicking on the “lessons” tab.

Heidi loves to learn. Armed with a library card and the internet there is nothing standing in the way of learning. You can find her on Pinterest, Twitter, and on Ravelry as “knittyheidi”. She can also be found publicly on Facebook with her DSW page.

Heidi loves God. Her gratitude towards her Father in Heaven, her Savior, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirt, is un-measurable. Heidi knows that without them she would be lost and prays for guidance daily. She converted whole-heartedly to the The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints many years ago and remains active in her faith.

Heidi is a survivor. One of life’s challenges for Heidi is that her body suffers from chronic illness. Her diagnoses so far are two diseases called: Eosinophilic Esophogitis  (EOE), and Mast Cell Activation Disorder (MCAD). While this can slow her down, it doesn’t keep her down. Both of these illnesses cause many food and environmental allergies/intolerances to the point where she at times can not swallow solid foods and/or has anaphylactic episodes. The changes that she has needed to make in her lifestyle and diet has been a large influence in her desire to pull away from the ways of the world and take a more natural approach to life.